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Maintaining a routine during lockdown

January 16, 2021  |  by Saskia Norori-McCormac

When there are bigger aspects effecting our daily lives that are out of our control, such as the current COVID restrictions, it’s important for us to try and stay as close to our normal routine as possible. 

Some of us may need to slightly amend our usual routine to make time for home-schooling or childcare, or needing to work more flexibly in order to take time away from your screen and it’s great that you recognise you need to do this. Once your new routine is in place, try and follow it as close as possible and most importantly, whether this is a new routine or your normal one, don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t go to plan! There is always tomorrow to pick this back up. Here’s some tips to help you with sticking to your routine.

Follow your usual working day:

  • Get up at the same time
  • Have your shower, make your brew, go for your run, or walk your dog. 
  • If you go to the gym try doing a workout at home
  • Do something to symbolise your commute; it might sound silly but just step outside or go to your car (if it’s close by) and then come back and settle into work like you would in the office
  • If you use water bottles or flasks for your hot drinks at work, use these at home too – it’s another way to help set your boundaries
  • Take your lunch at the same time
  • Try and finish at the same time (this can be hard so don’t beat yourself up over it if you don’t!) 
  • Do something to symbolise the end of your working day; step outside again or get changed and put your home office space away

Follow your usual evening plans:

  • If you usually go to the gym, as before, try doing a working at home.  
  • Again, have your shower, go for your run, or walk your dog (follow guidelines and only do this once a day though)
  • If you usually have a bath to winddown, then have your bath
  • Usually sit down for a family meal? Stick to it during lockdown too
  • Normally have dinner with friends?  Make the plans virtual
  • If you have a set bedtime, try and stick to it

Write down your day:

  • Writing down your day can help you feel more organised
  • This can be as extensive or as simple as you need it to be – writing down the hours that you are working, cooking, relaxing, or going into specific details about what you are doing through each of those steps

Do that bit more at weekends – this is about making the time for the things that make you feel good:

  • You might struggle to get out on your walk, do your home workout, read, or cook during the week and that’s ok – make more time at the weekend
  • Go for a longer walk or run (Island restrictions allow exercise once a day with no time limit but do stay local!)
  • Undertake a longer home workout over the weekend to help you feel balanced, instead of a quick 10 minutes why not try half an hour?  
  • If you plan your meals , try and stick to it. If you don’t why not give it a go? Or, just set some time aside at the weekend to make the meals that take a bit more time that you enjoy (plus, who doesn’t love leftovers?)
  • Organise bigger or longer zoom calls
  • Set the time aside to read your favourite books; it can be hard when you are already reading from a screen all day for work to then pick up a book to absorb more information

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