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Morning Momentum

November 6, 2023  |  by Juan Christian

Some people up north maybe familiar with the Morning Momentum troopers. Every morning, without fail, you will see them running, swimming and dipping in and around Rhumsaa, and occasionally they go on tour. When they have, the wonderful lasses and lads have pulled in a few quid of the Isle Listen cause. They are advocates for proactive mental heath care and self care, championing the out doors and its endless benefits to us as human beings.

In July 2023, the team held at 28 day challenge, with a dip at each major port. The community support was outstanding with a last day call to arms that attracted almost 100 individuals to Ramsey bay for a short run and a beautiful, soul satisfying dip in the Irish Sea.

Michael, Elliot, Alex, Henry and Dean are super open to anyone who shares the same enthusiasm for the greater cause, so if you would like more information, give them a follow at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100093957496871

Get limbered up, stretch that hamstring and let the Norepinephrine do the work. Gura mie eu for all the top work

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