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Men’s Mental Health

Nearly half of men report regularly feel worried or low but while most men would take time off for physical symptoms, only 1 in 5 would for anxiety and 1 in 6 for feeling low.

Men's mental health stats

Mind also report men are less knowledgeable about mental health, and more likely to discount poor mental health as a lack of self discipline.

We need to be mindful of the impact of societal expectations and education on how men demonstrate poor mental health, and the coping tools they may choose to access, but in terms of the support we can provide, this is the same for everyone: we need to create open environments, actively listen when people choose to open up, and encourage them to access the support and tools they are going to benefit from.

So why are some men less inclined to acknowledge or seek support when experiencing poor mental health?

Our Men’s Mental Health Awareness session explores:

  • The historical context around men’s mental health, and its impact on other areas of life.
  • Understanding the conflict between following expectations, and reaching out or offering support.
  • Recognising the signs that someone might be struggling, specifically the signs more common in men.
  • Tips on having a conversation about mental health.
  • Coping tools or support options.

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Talking to FC Isle of Man

To mark International Men’s Day 2023 we met with FC Isle of Man to discuss men’s mental health and how the squad deal with their mental health challenges. Watch the conversation.


Part 1

Part 2

We want to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and ensure that everyone on the Isle of Man feels emotionally empowered and effectively supported.