We are open Monday to Friday between 9.00am – 5.00pm. Isle Listen is not a crisis service and only offers planned interventions. Should you or someone you know be in need of immediate support outside of our office hours you should contact Manx Care’s 24 hour Crisis Response and Home Treatment Team on 01624 642860 or the Emergency Services on 999.

Pull a truck in the fastest time to win!

As a team of 4, pull together to remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

About the event

In conjunction with the Douglas Carnival on Saturday 23 July 2022, we’re asking teams of 4 people to pull a 14 tonne Island Aggregates Isle Listen-branded concrete mixer along a short course from Quids Inn on Loch Promenade to the Harris Promenade Roundel at the Sefton Hotel, in the quickest time to win!

From colleagues, sporting clubs, gyms or groups of friends, this challenging event is open to all, and by taking part, you will be enabling our charity to continue supporting the mental health of our Island’s young people in schools and the community!

Event entry fee is just £250. Set up a team Just giving page and as soon as you hit £250, you will unlock your free team entry. Go to: www.justgiving.com/campaign/islelistentruckpull

Deadline to enter is 17 July.

We will be holding a compulsory training event on Monday 18 July, at 5.30pm, at our offices at Skanco Court, Cooil Road, Douglas.

Event Rules

To register, please read the event rules
  • All participants must be over 18 years of age.
  • All participants must attend the compulsory training event on Monday 18 July at 5.30pm.  If the team has difficulty with that, please contact the event organisers on 01624 679118.
  • All participants must wear either running shoes, trainers or rock-climbing shoes for both the training session and the event.  Casual shoes will not be allowed.  Your team will not be able to train or compete if every team member does not wear appropriate footwear.
  • The wearing of gloves will not be compulsory.  If participants wish to wear gloves, they must bring their own.  No gloves will be provided.
  • If a team member becomes ill before the training event, they can be replaced by emailing the following to getinvolved@islelisten.im  – The name of the person withdrawing and the details of their replacement (full name, email address, confirmation of over 18, confirmation of being fit and able to take part, name and mobile number of Next of Kin).
  • If a team member becomes ill after the training event, the team has the option to withdraw or to participate with a trained substitute that organiser will be able to supply to stand in.
  • Participants should make welfare arrangements for any children or animals brought to the event.  Minors and animals should not be left on their own at any time and will not be allowed into the competition area.
  • The competition area will be a no-smoking area.
  • Participants will not be allowed to take part if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The order of team participation will be determined by the order that the teams register for the event. ie. the first team to register will be the first team to pull the concrete mixer truck.
  • The event will proceed in the case of adverse weather unless the organisers deem it unsafe to proceed.
  • If the weather conditions worsen during the event, ie. more wind or rain, as long as it is deemed safe to proceed, the event will continue.
  • There will be no contingency date for this event. In the event of event cancellation, the organisers will make a decision by midday on 22 July 2022 and will email all participants, post on social media channels and inform the local media.
  • Participants should check the weather forecast for the training session and event and bring along appropriate clothing, footwear, drinks and snacks and sunscreen.
  • No refunds of registration fees will be granted unless exceptional circumstances are agreed by the organisers.
  • We will be taking photographs on the day which will be shared on our social media and may be sent to local and UK media.
  • We will have St John’s Ambulance on hand should they be required.



By registering for this event, you confirm you have read and understood the above event rules.