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Here we go again! Music in Mental Health

Music, art, reading, dancing… It all does that same thing, it frees up the soul, it loosens the knots that keep up us at night. Its keeps you free.

Once again Isle Listen have convived a group of incredibly talented islanders to dedicate some of their precious time to supporting an event that highlights the connections between art and positive mental Health. This will be loud, I mean the last one was loud but these lot have a bar to get above. All three of these band are seasoned festival bands who are often off island spreading the love. Aeons are shaking the rock world with their album Consequenses recieving rave reviews by every reviewer that hears its noise.


Swarf Damage are the elders on the Manx hardcore scene, with year of tearing up venues behind them and pleanty to come. their self entitled album Swarf Damage is a must for any music lover, well, maybe not any.


Half Naked Head line debuted at the dirty rotton pit that was Compton Vaults back in 2019 and have never looked back. Provoking lyics, high energy and a desire to put the right people in prison makes then a highlight of the scene on the IOM. Staunch supporters of human rights and defenders of the minorities, all our respect to these incredible beings.


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