We are open Monday to Friday between 9.00am – 5.00pm. Isle Listen is not a crisis service and only offers planned interventions. Should you or someone you know be in need of immediate support outside of our office hours you should contact Manx Care’s 24 hour Crisis Response and Home Treatment Team on 01624 642860 or the Emergency Services on 999.

Isle Listen in the Community Isle Listen in the Community
We want to engage our local community through a range of learning and development activities to understand and champion the importance of mental health and wellbeing, whether that’s as simple as providing an ear to listen or acknowledge that someone hasn’t seemed quite themselves lately.
Connecting our Community

Being part of a community can have a positive effect on mental health and emotional wellbeing. Community involvement provides a sense of belonging and social connectedness, and it can also offer extra meaning and purpose to everyday life.

Communities can exist or be created from a shared location, hobbies, commonalities, and backgrounds, or a common cause. For many people, communicating with others – through online forums, social media, or in person – can help them to build mindshare, improve self-worth, and provide a greater enjoyment of life.


We are currently developing a range of community-based mental health awareness training activities for our local community such as clubs, church groups or other social gatherings. Our wish is to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and empower our community to feel emotionally and effectively supported with their mental health.

Our courses range from just 1 hour to a full day and are designed to enable people in the community to spot the early signs of a mental health episode, or help someone potentially struggling to manage their own mental wellbeing, even if it’s as simple as an ear to listen or acknowledging they’ve not seemed quite themselves lately.

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Isle Listen is a charitable initiative entirely funded through the generous support and donations of the local community. Can you help us?

Isle Listen wants everybody in the Isle of Man to feel emotionally empowered and effectively supported with their mental health.