We are open Monday to Friday between 9.00am – 5.00pm. Isle Listen is not a crisis service and only offers planned interventions. Should you or someone you know be in need of immediate support outside of our office hours you should contact Manx Care’s 24 hour Crisis Response and Home Treatment Team on 01624 642860 or the Emergency Services on 999.

Support us with a legacy gift

You can help make a transformational change to the way mental health is perceived on our Island and support us to continue our vital early intervention and prevention work in schools, the workplace and community.

Why give to us?

For nearly 40 years, our charity has provided vital emotional and psychological support to people on our Island living with life-changing conditions. After you’ve looked after your family and friends, please consider leaving us a gift in your Will.

We are entirely funded through the incredibly generous support of our local community as well as through grants and private trusts.

By leaving us a gift in your Will, you can bring about transformational change to enable more people on our Island to access our vital information and support, or change the future of people living with life-changing conditions.

Will power

Making a Will isn’t something that many of us like to think about, and we understand that for many it can seem daunting. Having a Will creates peace of mind in knowing that your wishes for your prized possessions and savings (your estate) will be clearly understood when you are gone, ensuring that loved ones and any charities you support (beneficiaries) benefit as you wanted when you were alive.

Gifts in Wills help to fund the important emotional and mental health support we provide to people living with life-changing conditions and their families. Quite simply, gifts in Wills make a life-changing difference in keeping families together and receiving appropriate psychological support.

Dying without a Will (or intestate) can create many problems for those left behind at an already difficult time.

Our promise

We are grateful for any gift you leave to us in your Will, and we promise:

That your loved ones come first, and we respect that

We’ll use your gift wisely and effectively

We won’t put you under any pressure

Make a difference

How to leave a gift in your Will

Whether you want to update an existing Will, or you’re planning to write your first, leaving a gift to a charity is easy to do. An up-to-date Will ensures your wishes for your family – and any charities you support – will be clearly understood when you are gone.

You can write a Will yourself, although we would always recommend using an advocate or solicitor to ensure your Will accurately reflects your wishes and is legally valid.

Make a new or updating an existing Will

Before you begin, it’s worth thinking about:

The things you own and their value (your assets) such as property, shares, investments, cash savings, life policies and endowments.

Who you’d like to look after when you have gone, such as family and loved ones. We hope you’ll consider leaving us a gift in your Will to help us to be here now and in the future (your beneficiaries).

Who you want your executor(s) to be (the person/people who will carry out your wishes).

The gifts (legacy) you wish to leave to the people and charities you care about – items such as a property or prized possession (called specific gifts), money (which includes both cash (pecuniary) and residuary gifts). A residuary gift is the remainder, or percentage, of your estate after you have looked after loved ones.

It’s important to keep your Will up-to-date, and it’s a good idea to review your Will if your circumstances change, for example getting married or having children.

When leaving us a gift in your Will, it is important that our legal information is correctly quoted – registered company and charity name: MCH Psychological Services (also known as Minds Matter and Isle Listen) – Isle of Man charity number: 1024 – Isle of Man company number: 122252C

Some common questions

How do I go about writing a Will?

You can write a Will yourself, however, we would always recommend using an advocate or solicitor to ensure your Will accurately reflects your wishes and is legally valid.

Aren’t I better helping you now rather than when I die?

It’s entirely up to you, whichever you prefer will still make a life-changing difference. Many of our supporters who leave us a gift in their Will also support us during their lifetime by undertaking fundraising activities or making a regular donation.

Will my family disagree with my decision?

Looking after loved ones when you are gone is likely to be the most important thing to you, but your Will reflects what matters most to you. We respect that and won’t try to change it. We find that most families are proud of the gifts their loved ones leave to charity.

Can I specify how you use my gift?

Yes, you can. We are very happy to talk to you about the ways in which you can specifically help us, although most people leave us a gift without specific conditions to enable us to use that gift wherever it is most needed and will have the greatest impact.

Do I need to tell you that I’m leaving you a gift?

You don’t have to tell us what you decide, and we respect your right to privacy. Of course, if you would like to tell us, that does give us the opportunity to give you heartfelt thanks and keep you informed about the vital emotional and mental health work we do with people living with life-changing conditions. It will also allow us to more effectively plan for our future sustainability.

Can I change my mind after I’ve made my Will?

Yes, you can. We understand that circumstances change, and you can usually do this with a codicil, however, it is important that you first speak to an advocate or solicitor about the changes to ensure that the changes are carried out accurately.

Meet a few of our fundraisers

Andrew Titley

Set out to walk 1,000 miles to train for the Parish Walk, and with the various lockdowns, completely smashed his target and decided to keep going!

Laura Matthews

Wrote a book to support children and families experiencing anxiety to support better mental health and she donated £1 from every sale.

Karl Staniford

Took on a water challenge to kayak around the island. This was in memory of his brother who wrote the song “Float away” before sadly taking his own life.