We are open Monday to Friday between 9.00am – 5.00pm. Isle Listen is not a crisis service and only offers planned interventions. Should you or someone you know be in need of immediate support outside of our office hours you should contact Manx Care’s 24 hour Crisis Response and Home Treatment Team on 01624 642860 or the Emergency Services on 999.

About us About us
Our aim is for everybody in the Isle of Man to feel emotionally empowered and effectively supported with their mental health.

About us

As a charity, we have provided specialist psychological support since 1983. MCH Psychological Services, (formerly The Lisa Lowe Centre and Manx Cancer Help), of which Isle Listen is a trading name, has developed many qualities. These include resilience, professionalism, tenacity, thrift, incomparable team spirit and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to change in line with the identified needs of our community.

We had long been aware of the difficulties faced by people trying to access mental health support, either for themselves or for their children. We were keen to utilise our expertise and experience to address this and began researching how best to tackle an ever-increasing issue which affected people of all ages and causing overwhelming demand on the statutory services.

The service we had developed to support families affected by cancer and other life-changing conditions was something very special and today, this vital work continues through our sister charitable initiative, Minds Matter. The important skills we had in this field including governance and oversight, which in psychology are essential, informed our decision to look to fill another much-needed service need – early intervention mental health and wellbeing – and Isle Listen was born in 2019.

It quickly became clear that providing education, prevention strategies and transformative early intervention, were key to alleviating pressure on statutory services. The result being, the avoidance of the unnecessary escalation of mental health problems as long waiting times can make recovery more difficult the longer the conditions are left undiagnosed.

Our Pilot Year

The Isle Listen pilot year was launched in September 2019 within two of the Island’s secondary schools to gather the evidence over 12 months of the need for our service. It involved the provision of a low-level listening service for young people, and a series of workshops and assemblies covering a range of topics related to emotional wellbeing. Over the academic year both quantitative and qualitative data was collected that confirmed a pressing need for the services we could provide. In addition to our listening service, we provide a range of therapies for children and young people who need a higher level of support than can be offered by our school’s team, with referrals made to our Clinical Lead for assessment by our listeners or the school itself.

We aim to reach out to the entire school and college population of the Isle of Man – approximately 15,000 students and over 1,000 people working within the education sector – as well as supporting employers and delivering community-wide campaigns and resources.

Our commitment to excellence

Everything we do is centred around our commitment to excellence. Our mental health and wellbeing and therapeutic services are always evidence-based and created and delivered by fully trained individuals with relevant experience.

MCH Psychological Services is an organisational member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and Isle Listen adheres strictly to its ethical framework. As an organisation, we follow and frequently surpass National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines around supervision for our therapists, counsellors and listeners.

Our clinical team comprises accredited psychotherapists and counsellors who supervise our listeners and who receive supervision themselves from a Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

Our workplace training team has a wealth of corporate, HR and consultancy qualifications and experience coupled with rigorous CPD in mental health and wellbeing as we know there is a growing need for our programmes as the corporate sector and schools increasingly accept the need for greater understanding around mental health and wellbeing.

Although we are working hard to bring about change, by preparing our children and young people to cope with life’s challenges, we can gradually unpick the stigma and lack of education around mental health. This stigma has existed for many generations and resulted in so many people struggling unnecessarily.

We know that our achievements are sustainable as we will always be led by the evidence presented to us – responding to identified wellbeing needs in our community by delivering education and support that is appropriate, effective and timely. In other words, we will continue to listen.

In schools

In schools

What we do

  • Engage and develop early years’ students to manage both negative and positive emotions
  • Create a level of self-awareness in students to recognise factors within their control
  • Provide support to students transitioning from further education into the workplace
  • Support teaching staff to be comfortable in raising conversations on mental health and how to signpost to appropriate specialist services
In the workplace

In the workplace

What we do

  • Provide training and support in the workplace to recognise early signs of mental health episodes
  • Help to recognise peer-to-peer struggles and acknowledge when and how to assist
  • Deliver workplace training to empower employers and their workforce to support colleagues
  • Provide coping and signposting resources that complement existing workplace mental health and wellbeing strategies
In the community

In the community

What we do

  • Provide training and support in the community to recognise the early signs of mental health episodes
  • Create a level of self-awareness across the community to recognise factors that are within people’s control
  • Promote the importance of our community recognising that mental health is just as important as physical health
  • Provide coping and signposting resources that complement existing community-based and statutory service provision

Our Board of Directors

The charity is led by Chief Executive, Andrea Chambers and Clinical Lead, Professor Robin Davidson, and all professional standards are overseen by our Board of Directors.

Professor Robin Davidson - Clinical Lead and Director
Professor Robin Davidson Clinical Lead and Director
Derek Peters - Director
Derek Peters Director
Nigel Simpson - Director
Nigel Simpson Director

Media enquiries

We are passionate about what we do and it is our aim for everybody in the Isle of Man to feel emotionally empowered and effectively supported with their mental health and we have an opportunity to impact and change the Island’s approach to mental health and wellbeing and to remove the stigma associated with it.

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