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Working in partnership with QEII High School

December 3, 2021  |  by Nikki Arthur, Teacher of Chemistry & Director of Key Stage 4 at QEII

In the 3 years Isle Listen has worked with QEII, they have helped us through some extremely challenging times.

Our aim is to equip the Island’s young people with the skills and resilience to navigate the mental health and emotional challenges of 21st century life.

Their enthusiastic and skilled team provide educational support and a listening service. They have worked in partnership with us to deliver mental health education via assemblies, bespoke classroom sessions, drop down days and staff CPD training sessions. They work closely with our Pastoral team to develop support programmes and packages that are tailored to meet the needs of individuals and groups of students.

An active session we ran with Active Souls for Year 11 at QEII High School

QEII has always had a well-established support network for emotional wellbeing. Isle Listen further strengthened and developed this, fostering a culture where students feel safe and confident enough to seek help without fear of criticism or prejudice.

They have broken down barriers and negative attitudes students had about asking for help or speaking about their problems. Discussing feelings has become more ‘normalised’. 

Students are now far more open to accessing support from Isle Listen and school staff are confident to signpost to them. Attitudes around talking through problems has improved with many students now accessing support before the problems become unmanageable.

Parents have also actively engaged with support sessions and resources provided to us throughout the year which was very useful during the pandemic.

Isle Listen has become a vital service to ensure the emotional wellbeing of our students and students have been shown the skills and strategies to maintain positive mental wellbeing.

More importantly, they have played a key role in supporting the school to develop an ethos which openly embraces the idea that we may all need help at some point and reaching out for help is OK!

We’d like to thank Nikki Arthur, Teacher of Chemistry & Director of Key Stage 4 at QEII, for providing this case study.

We receive no government funding, and could not continue to do what we do, and offer our services free of charge, without the amazing generosity of fundraisers and donations from our Island community.

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