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What you can do if you’re worried about results day

August 3, 2022  |  by Rebecca Nathan

The results period is a time filled with emotions. In this article Rebecca Nathan offer some advice on what you can do to help manage them.

On the lead up to results day…

After sitting your exams in May and June the anticipation of Results day in August can feel like a lifetime. Despite having a longer summer than ever before, that overwhelming feeling of your destiny awaiting may feel all consuming.

Below are some tips on how best you can take care of yourself this summer, easing those nerves and worries, on the lead up to the big day:

  1. Remain positive, yet realistic. After sitting your exams, you may have a good idea of how you have gotten on. Over these next few weeks, it would be in your best interest to explore all options and ensure you have a back-up plan – just in case.
  2. Talk to someone. Don’t allow those nerves and worries to fester inside. Make sure you share them with those close to you who can offer support and reassurance. Remember you are not alone in feeling this way, most students will also be feeling the same.
  3. Take care of yourself and your basic needs. This includes eating, hydrating, maintaining good sleep habits in addition to down time with friends and family.
  4. Exercise. This can be a fantastic way of releasing any heightened emotions and to give yourself a distraction. Any form of exercise is beneficial, no matter how easy or strenuous.
  5. Make fun plans, it’s summer after all! Have fun with friends and family and do not allow results day to be the focus of your holidays. Remember you have worked hard all year and deserve the break.
  6. Practise mindfulness and self-care. This could be anything that is calming yet offers a distraction. For example, options could include:- meditation, yoga, listening to music, being creative or going for a walk.

The Big Day…

The day has finally arrived, and you are ready to go pick up your results…

Remember to be kind to yourself and continue implementing the tips from above. It may be beneficial to bring someone along with you who you feel will support you, even if they wait for you outside.

Don’t feel pressured to open your results surrounded by peers and avoid comparing your results to anyone else. Remember that you are all on different journeys on entering the next phase in your lives.

If your results are not what you had hoped for, there are still options available to you. Take a deep breath and approach a teacher on site, or someone you trust, to sit and talk to. They will be able to guide you with your next steps e.g. clearing through UCAS, resits, further study and job prospects.

Lastly, be proud of yourself! Your results do not define who you are as a person and very rarely is a path to success linear.

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