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Parenting anxious children and young people

Our short workshop introducing childhood anxiety and how to support a child or young person.

About the workshop

We know looking after children and young people isn’t always easy. Whilst it is incredibly rewarding watching them grow up, it can feel especially difficult if their mood and behaviour seems different and you’re not sure why, or what you can do to help.

As part of our activities to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, we are hosting a short 2-hour ‘taster’ workshop for parents, carers or teachers, on childhood anxiety and how you can support a child or young person. This short session is hosted by our Consultant Psychologist & Clinical Lead, Dr Brian Murray.

We frequently, and highly recommend, a book written by Dr. Eli Lebowitz, Director of the Program for Anxiety Disorders of the Yale Child Study Centre in the US, called Breaking Free of Child Anxiety and OCD: A Scientifically Proven Program for Parents.  Dr Lebowitz’s innovative, evidence-based programme, SPACE, (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) is a parent-based treatment programme for children and adolescents with anxiety, OCD, and related problems, and is appropriate for many of the most common anxiety issues that children and adolescents face.

What will you learn from the session?

You will go away with some knowledge and skills to apply right away, and feel more empowered as a parent or carer, by learning:

    • What is childhood anxiety?
    • Why is it different to adult anxiety?
    • How to build a support team.
    • How can I do something different right now that will help?
    • How can I find out more about SPACE group intervention provided by Isle Listen?

As well as an opportunity to ask our Clinical Lead any questions about the intervention.

SPACE acknowledges the role of parents in helping children cope with difficult situations and in the maintenance of child anxiety. SPACE aims to modify the parents’ behaviour through psychoeducation about anxiety disorders, monitoring current parental behaviours, and equipping caregivers with strategies and detailed plans designed to best support the child’s treatment.

We’re sorry, this event is now fully subscribed. We’ll be launching further dates in the coming weeks.